Style Refine

Check out a few new tests on simplification, and a looser but more expressive style!

Here’s an example of the simplification, reducing and exaggerating the key elements, and using more ‘short-hands’ for details
The line work and shading is simplified to favor easy readability and more expressiveness

Here is a comparison of the most extreme rework – going from very detailed to very simple!

Especially from a squint test, I really like the simple, boiled down version, what do you think?

Should the dinosaurs of the lost planet have feathers?


The lost planet of dinosaurs is first in foremost a wonderful world guided by the spirit of adventure.  As I learn more about the possible or likely appearance of dinosaurs I want to the dinosaurs of the Lost Planet to capture elements that contribute to the wonder of dinosaurs! Many dinosaurs will have feathers and other visual features inspired by new findings or compelling features that reflect their personality or behavior.

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