About: The Lost Planet of DINOSAURS!


Ever since I was a kid myself, I have loved dinosaurs, science fiction and adventure! Now I have have two children of my own, who’s eyes are filled with same sense of wonder.

I have had this concept of a world with dinosaurs and aliens for many years now, but as my children grow older I have refueled my passion to develop this fiction and publish it for my kids, and adventures young and old around the world to enjoy!

Please join me, as I create and publish “The Lost Planet of DINOSAURS!” in a variety of formats, starting with a classic one-page comic strip format reminiscent of Sunday Newspapers in the 1930s. Part 1 – will be posted here on Oct 15 2016!

The story is set to be an exciting adventure story suitable for younger children and adventure lovers of all ages. Set on an alien planet, combining some of my favorissue-1-title-small-square-oct-15-1500ite themes within the adventure genre.

I will be posting progress as I develop a the comics, characters, story. Ultimately my goal is to publish a short children’s book.

As I learn many processes involved in writing, editing, authoring and publishing I will post updates here.

Please join me on this adventure!


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