I have finished my rough in of PART ONE and am working on finishing this whole chapter SOON! It is about 30 pages, so pretty substantial.


My First EPISODE is about 6 PARTS but I want to finish the first PART and see if I can’t get it in peoples hands first – before I tackle the rest!PART1.title

Should the dinosaurs of the lost planet have feathers?


The lost planet of dinosaurs is first in foremost a wonderful world guided by the spirit of adventure.  As I learn more about the possible or likely appearance of dinosaurs I want to the dinosaurs of the Lost Planet to capture elements that contribute to the wonder of dinosaurs! Many dinosaurs will have feathers and other visual features inspired by new findings or compelling features that reflect their personality or behavior.

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WIP MEGARAPTOR – the strongest of the “Shadow Knights”

OVIRAPTOR – a fan suggestion that was added to the core set!

Thank You all for you feedback on your favorite dinosaurs!  I have narrowed done the final roster and build the initial 46 card deck! I will be revealing the names soon, but I I am glad to say you feedback influence the final makeup of the deck!

Now it is down to finishing all the artwork and doing some final testing and tuning of the final stats!

This game is close to ready.. I am excited to complete it and get it into peoples hands. I think you will love it!

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An older more seasoned version of Flynt! I really like the below version with him and shady on the run, but feel maybe that how he looked when he was younger and not tied to so much trouble.


Flynt M’Gree – The Shadow Rider –  is Frontera’s most famous outlaw. He is suspected of being involved in the great freightage robbery.

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The Lost Planet of Dinosaurs! BCG (Battle Card Game)


The Next Great Battle!

The game is a card and dice based battle game, meant to combine strategy, luck and skill. It has some similarities to direct battle games like Pokemon, it has more complexity in the group arrangement and dynamics between cards!

Right now it is prototyping stage


Behind the scenes of development after the break!

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